Why did you choose ADIT?

I am really interested in embedded systems, and I like to develop software close to hardware. I've been using Linux personally for years, so I like to develop software for Linux using the Linux platform to develop software. I searched for a job which can fulfill these interests. And besides this, I also improve the Linux drivers in my daily business. So, I also develop software close to hardware.

What serves as your motivation for work?

I like to improve our existing software, and establish new components to advance or enhance the quality of our platforms and to extend the feature set. I also enjoy using open-source software and discussing, with the community, concepts which we are using. Besides this, I really like the idea of implementing software which is accessible by everyone—not only by one company—so everyone can use it.

How do you learn about the latest technologies?

The first starting point is often news which is published via the internet. If there is any relevant stuff for me, for example audio, I try to get some more information via other online sources. Also, upcoming communication or upcoming discussions in the open-source community are really interesting.
For general topics, you can visit some seminars which are organized by the company. For example, how to develop safety-critical software. But, it's also possible to search for your own seminars and conferences, and for organizers to visit such external seminars and conferences.

How are you able to communicate with supervisors and team members?

Due to this flat hierarchy which we have in our company, it's easy to talk to everyone. For example, the management also wants to be called by their first names, so somehow, we are a big family. We also have a big office room, where we are all sitting in one room, and this is also a benefit for communication. We have short ways to colleagues—there's no door in between—so you get a lot of information by listening.

What are your goals for the future?

I'd like to improve the open-source world further. And, I'm also interested in extending the open-source usage in our platforms to lower maintenance efforts. But in general, I want to help to build the next generation systems for the next 20 billion cars.