Why did you choose ADIT?

I studied electrical engineering at the Hamburg University of Technology, and my master focused on nanoelectonics and microsystems. ADIT came from ASIC design, and I shifted over to low-level programming. This is also a topic that really interests me. Already during my studies, I was focused on programming, so it was a great combination of both my personal interests and also my technical knowledge.

What does your workday usually consist of?

The usual workday is very versatile. I have sync-up meetings or calls in the morning to report to the members of my team all over the world about my progress. Also, since Asia has the time shift to Germany, most of the meetings are in the morning hours, and the rest of the day is mostly dedicated to software development, integration, and also component alignment. Since ADIT is also responsible for supplier management, I also take care of tickets to our suppliers.

What do you find alluring about working with your counterparts in Japan and Germany?

I really like that my colleagues in Japan are very open, polite, and reliable. The same goes for my Indian colleagues as well. I'm very interested in traveling and also culture, so I really like to talk with my colleagues about stuff that is different in other countries and also to learn what is typical for them. For me, it's very interesting to learn what is common in their work styles and also what's different.

How do teams and younger employees receive training?

ADIT offers a lot of opportunities to enhance your skill set. For example, you can have self-skill and technical trainings during a year. And there are also small training sessions that are provided by other employees that dive into new topics that I've found interesting. Learning on the job with your colleagues happens a lot.

What are your goals for the future?

I want to improve myself and to learn a lot. For me, it is also important to take over responsibilities for further tasks and topics. In the midterm, I plan to lead a team because I'm organized and I really like to work with people. I also can see myself in the future going abroad as an expert.