Why did you choose ADIT?

I wanted to have more experience with platform and middleware development, and also, I wanted to work with countries other than Japan.

What joy or fun do you feel from working in a team?

My team members are very kind and nice. Especially since ADIT was my first job, I did not have many skills or knowledge about middleware platforms, but they taught me from a very basic level, so I like to work with them.

Of the work you have done at ADIT, which are you most proud of?

I gave a presentation in an open source community about a component I developed. My colleagues told me that it was very understandable, and my English was very good. Not only colleagues, but other people who had joined the presentation got very interested in that component. I was very proud of that.

What kind of changes have you experienced since joining ADIT?

Since ADIT was my first job, I learned a lot about how to work at ADIT—especially how to cooperate with other people. I had never experienced that when I was a student. So, I could realize that I'm not working by myself, and that I need to cooperate with other people within ADIT and also in the mother companies.

What are your goals for the future?

I want to become a specialist in debugging. Since I joined ADIT, I have been working on the development of debugging tools and also giving support with debugging for other components.