Why did you choose ADIT?

When I was working in another department, I had an opportunity to work with ADIT members, and they were really enjoying working in software development even though they faced big problems. And they also had good software development skills and technical English communication skills, and I thought I'd like to be like them. That is the biggest reason why I decided to join ADIT.

What does your workday usually consist of?

My workday consists of software development, meeting with ADIT Germany members, meeting with the team in India, and I sometimes have meetings with my customers. Software development includes the design and implementation of future products which will be used on the customer's side.

How do you spend your days off?

I usually spend my days off with my family. I often go shopping and go to the park with my daughters. When I have time, I enjoy sea fishing.

What do you find alluring about ADIT?

Every engineer has their own specialized field. For example, some engineers have very detailed knowledge about graphics and car navigation systems, and some engineers have different knowledge. So, I can learn from all ADIT members about something new.

What are your goals for the future?

The goal for the future is to build a high performance team which will not have to work overtime. Working in a team where everybody is working as a leader is one of the goals to realize in ADIT.