More space for ADIT Stuttgart: Close cooperation with our mother companies through small distances is key to the success of a joint-venture company such as ADIT. In order to further strengthen our bounds with the new Bosch cross-domain software divison β€œXC”, we have also started a β€œneXt Chapter” and moved our Stuttgart offices to the vivid Stuttgart-Feuerbach area. Besides modern spacious offices, our employees now benefit from the improved local infrastructure such as restaurants and grocery stores and, of course, better public transport. Feel free to drop by in our new home in Burgenlandstraße 44 (building Fe056, B wing, first floor). We are looking forward to having a coffee with you. β˜•β˜Ί

We warmly welcome Kurt Gieske as the new Managing Director of ADIT GmbH in Germany and new President of ADIT Corporation in Japan! Kurt is an “old” and well- known colleague of us, as he already worked at ADIT from 2008 until 2015. In 2015 he was selected to go to Sweden for five years to work as a site manager for Bosch Lund. Now he is returning to ADIT to face this new and exciting challenge. Dear Kurt, we wish you continuous success πŸ€and are looking forward to the upcoming cooperation within ADIT!πŸ’